Floppy Monkey Asthma Friendly

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Amuse your little one with the adorable Kids Preferred Healthy Baby Floppy Plush Monkey. This floppy monkey is extra soft. The light brown monkey wears a big grin on its friendly face and features a sweet dark brown nose, eyes and belly button. The thoughtful design leaves nothing for little ones to pull off. The polyester plush fabric feels heavenly against sensitive skin. Tiny ones enjoy hugging and kissing this cute creature, holding its hands and carrying it around everywhere. This baby plush toy is a wonderfully squeezable and safe companion for your wee one. These particular dolls for toddlers are an ideal pick for parents with children suffering from asthma and allergies. The design and type of fabric keep allergens from adhering to the surface. The plush stuffed monkey is durable. The monkey can be washed. This healthy toy is 12 inches long, a delightful length for sharing naps. 
Kids Preferred Floppy Monkey:

  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly
  • Polyester plush fabric
  • Plush stuffed monkey is 12" long
  • Made to withstand frequent washings